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Tournaments played in 2003-2004 Season


March 26-28th, 2004 - Windsor Classic Indoor Games (Windsor, Ontario)

Both novice and junior teams were present and did well.
Our junior team finished in 2nd place in their division.
Our team had finished 1st in 2001 and again in 2002.
Finished 2nd in 2003 and again in 2004.


May 6-9th, 2004 - New England Sled Hockey Tournament (Springfield, Massachusetts)

The junior team was invited down to this tournament and
played 3 games.  Finishing in 3rd place against teams from
the U.S.  Our coaching staff consisted of the following:
  • June Raymond - manager
  • Jack Raymond - coach
  • Bob Whitcher and Don Jones - assistant coaches

Players that went down to the tournament included:

  • Jenna Whitcher - forward
  • Doni Jones - forward
  • Mike Kraff - forward
  • Amanda Roach - forward
  • Brandon Raymond - forward
  • Denis Jones - forward
  • Kelly Kraff - defence
  • Jesse Raymond - defence
  • Matt Kilgannon - defence
  • Cherie Mercier - defence
  • Sylvain Labelle - defence
  • Jamie Kilgannon - goalie


Our team may be hosting a tournament in the 2004-05
season.  Our website will keep you updated.  Stay tuned.
We had a fun season and here's a shot of the team in MA, USA.

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